Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking


Villa Marina is a beautiful luxury villa located in a seaside resort in Liguria, near Genova, Italy. The villa is characterized by vaulted ceilings in all of its main rooms, which create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The goal of the lighting design project was to uniformly illuminate these ceilings, without illuminating the side walls. This was a challenging task, considering that the lighting fixture needed to be placed along the room’s perimeter at 2,5 meters from the ground, adjacent to the walls.


Sori (GE)


Private client

lighting design

Arch. Michela Viola


Zero55 srl

lighting fixtures

Microdrywall Frame Wall Washer

custom components

a. Black micro-fins painted inside the Wall Washer optics, made using 3D printing

b. Custom closure caps made using 3D printing

c. Wall mounting system using custom-made sheet metal brackets with magnetic attachment


The fundamental requirement of the project was the need to uniformly illuminate the vaulted ceilings of three distinct environments: dining room, kitchen, and double living room; creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, without illuminating the side walls.

The lighting design project called for the installation of Microdrywall Frame fixtures behind the false ceiling structure, which was installed for ventilation purposes. However, during on-site mock-ups, it was notable that the structure was very irregular: the distance from the walls was uneven, unlike the original project. This would have led to a non-uniform installation of the lighting fixtures, at various distances form the walls, causing a non-uniform light beam.

For this reason, it was decided to modify the point of installation of the fixtures, choosing a wall-mounting magnetic attachment with a custom metal brackets system.

In addition, thanks to on-site tests, it was decided to change the angle of inclination of the optics to achieve the desired result from the client.


The solution adopted was to use Microdrywall Frame, a LED fixture designed specifically for installation on narrow points of support. Microdrywall Frame is characterized by a thin and discreet design, which makes it ideal for lighting vaulted ceilings.

To overcome the design challenges, Microdrywall Frame was customized in several ways:

  • The lengths were customized to cover the entire perimeter of the rooms;
  • Black light-blocking louvers were inserted inside the optics to prevent the light from illuminating the side walls;
  • The closure caps were reduced in size to achieve greater uniformity of the light beam and light continuity.


The final result fully met the needs of the owners of Villa Marina. The rooms are now illuminated in a uniform and welcoming way, without the side walls being illuminated excessively.

Strengths of the project:

  • Customized solution capable of meeting the specific needs of the project;
  • High-quality final result in line with the expectations of the client;
  • Flexible approach capable of adapting to any unforeseen events.
  • Increased living comfort;
  • Improved aesthetic of the rooms;
  • Enhancement of the property value.
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