Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking


Combining sustainability and lighting efficiency into just one product

We are living in a period where environmental sensibility is fundamental in order to preserve our planet for future generations. In this Eco Design context, Zero55 is committed to being a pioneer in the lighting field, offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions to satisfy people’s lighting needs without compromising our precious resource: the environment.


What make us different from other lighting companies?

First of all, our priority is the use of low energetic consumption technologies, such as LEDs, then, the daily commitment to choose recycled and recyclable materials, reducing our environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

Our vision for a brighter and more sustainable future is based on:


For a sustainable design, the choice to use just LED technology is fundamental. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are known for their low energetic consumption, less energetic waste, less CO2 emission, a longer life cycle (8-10 times more compared to other lighting sources), reduction of material waste and photobiological safety.


In order to obtain a sustainable design, it is important to choose raw materials and components from responsible sources. We are committed to using materials that comply with the highest environmental standards, and materials free of harmful substances. During the production process, we choose aluminum, material originating from a sustainable source, so we can offer efficient and low impact lighting solutions.


Nowadays, the theme of sustainable design is a very important topic. That’s for this reason that in Zero55 we have a new way of production and consumption based on the following requirements: repairability, durability and recyclability. We design lasting, reliable, reusable, repairable products, easy to keep, to renovate and to recycle, efficient on the energetic side, in order to reduce waste and environmental impact.


EcoDesign Light: this is our motto! We take care of the design of the luminaires to avoid wasting light, which could cause light pollution and light disturbance in the surrounding environment. We choose high-efficient LED sources and drivers, we develop optics able to reach excellent Lm/W values of the devices and wide inter-distances, to improve implant’s efficacy. Furthermore, we have the possibility to integrate movement sensors and smart control systems in the luminaires, that allow us to use light only where necessary.


The lighting field is EcoDesign. We collaborate with partners that invest in research and development, to promote innovation in the sustainable lighting field, letting us offer our customers cutting-edge solutions, able to respond to future sustainable needs. Our partners believe, as we do, that it is important to sustain the community in which we operate and promote etic work practices, with regard to production and supplies.

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