Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking

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We are a team of professionals creating emotions through light

› Zero55

We are a team of professionals creating emotions through light

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We are a group of “young people”, “formerly young people” and “past young people”, all sharing one conviction:
“with light, you can say what you cannot say with a thousand words”.

Point is, you have to know how to do it.
The “past young people” have been working for several decades in leading roles in the Italian and European lighting industry, and not only. This is not necessarily a guarantee, but it certainly helps.
Luckily for them, the “young people” have no need to forget bad habits and are the most committed to supporting our ideas, those very principles on which we continue to build our Company.
The “formerly young people” are the most solid part of the team, the ones you can count on even in the most difficult times.
Zero55… just to say how we are made and how we think, this is Florence’s area code. From engineers to architects, from painters to sculptors, from thinkers to bankers, Florence had it all; all we have to do is prove that we still have something in common. No need to ask us about it though, because we have never had any doubts.

Alvaro Andorlini - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Alvaro Andorlini


Marzia Bandini - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Marzia Bandini


Massimo Sacconi - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Massimo Sacconi


Matteo Sacconi - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Matteo Sacconi

Technical Manager

Enrico Dho - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Enrico Dho

Operations Assistant

Andrea Stiaccini - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Andrea Stiaccini

Director and Operation Manager

Sabrina Pirola - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Sabrina Pirola

Marketing Manager

Duccio Facchielli - Zero55 Lighting Designers

Duccio Facchielli

Mechanical Design Engineer

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