Luce alle idee

Luce alle idee

› Identity

› Solution oriented

Light is our mission, our passion, our profession. Our patented and customisable Drywall optics offer lighting solutions that can be adapted to each “luminous project”.

› Project analysis

We work side by side with our clients and lighting designers to understand their needs, to support them in their projects and to achieve their “vision of light”.

› Product development

We use raytraced optical simulation and 3D drawing software to develop design proposals for the full “control of light”.

› Mockup

The assessment of the full compliance with the project is done by making mock-ups that allow to analyse, on site, the aesthetic impact and the lighting compliance of the designed products.

› Technical support

From the earliest stages of planning, we support staff, analyse requirements and provide technical advice for the correct installation of luminaires.

› Manufacturing

We produce fully Made in Italy luminaires. This allows us to be flexible and to have full control over the entire production process.

› Installation support

We supervise the correct installation of the product on site, so that the final result faithfully reflects the approved design.
Lighting church ceiling
Courtesy of Arch. Paola Urbano - Lighting Designer
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