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Optics research is in our DNA, it is an imprinting derived from passion and skills due to years spent working in the lighting field.

Our sensibility has been developing through time, in order to face the needs of lighting designers and that part of the market aimed to get high quality products, able to distinguish for their performances and aesthetics.

Among the studies refined during the years, lighting fixtures with asymmetrical optics got particular attention, in order to obtain an optimal and controlled light distribution, while guaranteeing the best lighting performance.

Asymmetrical optic, or Wall-Washer, often plays a key role in creating lighting effects and it ensures very interesting performances.

It allows, for example, to enlighten uniformly a surface or a portion of space, without the invasive presence of the lighting fixture, which can be placed further away from the area of interest.

ottica wall washer in villa privata

Basically, by choosing an asymmetrical optic, it is possible to get a perfect light distribution on the wall, recessing the lighting fixture into the ceiling or the floor, concealing it from the sight.
Or, an asymmetrical optic can uniformly enlighten ceilings of frescoed vaults, without more intense light beams near to where the lighting fixture is installed.
And more, it is possible to guarantee an optimal lighting on the floor, such as an external passage or a portico, by installing the lighting fixtures on the top of the lateral walls or in proximity of the columns, if you are dealing with a passageway flanked by pillars.

As well, it is also possible to install the lighting fixture indoor, aiming to illuminate the workspaces or the floors. In this way, uniform ambient lighting can be obtained and modulated according to the necessities through a dimmer or a sensor.
It is important to point out that symmetrical optics are a great resource when it comes to illuminating paintings and showcases in museums environments.

Wall-Washer solutions start taking place on the market by the ’80s, alongside traditional lighting sources, such as metal hydrides lamps which, due to their small dimensions and high light efficiency, allowed good light performances, especially for indirect lighting.
During the years, thanks to the growing attention for lighting design and to the miniaturization of the lighting sources, wall-washer fixtures were optimized, becoming one of the most requested tools in the scope of lighting design.
In our designing culture, where the focus is enhancing the artistic and cultural heritage in compliance with historical artefacts’ safety, wall-washer optics are increasingly appreciated and used.
Especially linear lighting fixtures, which today can reach very small dimensions due to the use of LED technology, can solve many installation problems, where the supporting spaces are significantly narrow.

With these premises, our production wanted to aim, beside the optimization of wall-washer optics, to the flexibility of the product. With our experience in custom fixtures, we are able to offer efficient, high quality and innovative solutions, capable to disguise themselves with the surrounding environment, guaranteeing the best lighting performances along time.