Luce alle idee

Luce alle idee

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by Sabrina Pirola

Sketches and Technical Drawings, Light Takes Shape On the occasion of World Industrial Design Day, we celebrate the fundamental role of sketches and technical drawings in the design of innovative lighting solutions. 

Beyond aesthetics, light is architecture. Every lighting project starts with an idea, a dream of light that takes shape on paper. Quick sketches, detailed sketches, precise technical drawings: each mark contributes to defining the function and aesthetics of lighting, creating perfect harmony with the spaces and needs of the client.

Light and shadow, field of view and illuminance. Pencils and computers become tools for shaping light, defining its contrasts, calculating its intensity and distribution in space. Every detail is carefully considered to ensure optimal lighting in terms of visual comfort, color rendering and energy efficiency. 

A creative and collaborative process. Lighting design is a teamwork that involves designers, engineers, architects and clients. Sketches and technical drawings are the common language that allows sharing ideas, developing solutions and finding the perfect synthesis between functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. Light comes alive. From the idea to the real lighting, the path is long and fascinating.

Sketches and technical drawings are transformed into tangible products, into lighting solutions that give light and beauty to the spaces that surround us. 

Zero55: innovation at the service of light. In our company, lighting design is a continuous process, fueled by a passion for light and the search for ever more innovative solutions. Sketches and technical drawings are the starting point of every project, the foundation on which we build the light of the future.