The lighting value lies in its ability to arouse emotions

Our lighting solutions propose a new way of approaching light, aiming at enhancing its ability to change and improve the surrounding environments. That’s why our range of lighting solutions is constantly enriched with new products, in a continuous process of refinement and customization to offer technologically innovative solutions.

Bespoke solutions

Drywall and Microdrywall

In designing this solution, we asked ourselves what the "mission" could be for a different approach to using LEDs. This is why we created Drywall, a system that uses highly performing optics combined with the latest generation of LED modules combined with lightweight steel profiles for installation on plasterboard. We have eliminated the "cumbersome" aluminum profiles to be collected in the plasterboard "dematerializing" the product in simple and light profiles. This new concept has allowed us to obtain a European patent that establishes its originality.

We have developed asymmetric "wallwascher" optics and "low-contrast" and "darklight" symmetric optics. The first "wash" the surfaces entirely, leaving no shaded area and ensuring very high uniformity while the latter allow uniform illumination of surfaces defining the shape perfectly thanks to the use of embedded light fringe fins. After developing the standard version, we made a "scale reduction" up to the minimum dimensions and the Microdrywall version was born with the same types of optics and the same performance but only 25x25mm. By channeling the light into a Drywall optic, we have finally created "Drywallgrazing", a grazing optic to illuminate surfaces 20-30 cm apart. All these solutions have a single "mission", that of putting what needs illumination into the right light.