Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking


The Historical Archive of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence is a priceless treasure that preserves the memory of the Cathedral and the Baptistry of Florence, iconic monuments of the Italian Renaissance.

Founded in 1296, the Archive preserves over 10.000 volumes, including parchments, registers, drawings, maps and photographs, which document the centuries-old history of the monumental complex. Among the most precious pieces are the registers of the baptized in Florence, dating back to 1450, and the collection of illuminated choir codes.

The purpose of the lighting project was to uniformly illuminate the reading surfaces of three desks inside the room, integrating the lighting fixtures into the historic wooden ceiling, respecting the existing beams.


Firenze (FI)


Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore

lighting design

Ing. Matteo Sacconi – Zero55 srl


Zero55 srl

lighting fixtures

Microdrywall Infinity Wall Washer and Low Contrast

custom components

a. Black micro-fins painted inside the Wall Washer optics, made using 3D printing

b. Custom closure caps made using 3D printing

c. Wall mounting system using custom-made sheet metal brackets with magnetic attachment


The lighting project had to guarantee homogeneous and comfortable lighting of the reading surfaces of three desks and to avoid shadows areas, ensuring a uniform distribution of the light on each desk.

To satisfy this requirement, it was necessary to project a customized lighting solution which, by preserving the architecture and satisfying the customer needs, would enhance the environment by encouraging reading.


To uniformly illuminate the reading surfaces of three desks, the choice fell on the Microdrywall Infinity system with Wall Washer and Low Contrast optics.

The combination of the two optics ensures a uniform distribution of light on each desk, eliminating shadows areas and glare, for a pleasant reading without eye strain.

The suspended Infinity Microdownlight, installed in the wooden ceiling at a height equal to that of the wooden planks, integrate perfectly into the historic environment, preserving its aesthetics.

The priority was to make the light visible, not the device itself. The downlight, painted to match the wood, blend in perfectly with the environment, respecting the atmosphere of the room.

Furthermore, the use of high-efficiency Nichia LEDs ensures low energy consumption and savings on bills, contributing to environmental protection.


The lighting project with suspended Microdownlight Infinity achieved the purpose of ensuring homogeneous and comfortable lighting for the reading surfaces of the three desks, while enhancing the historical architecture of the room and satisfying the needs of users.

Strengths of the project:

  • Optimal lighting for reading and studying
  • Comfortable and productive work environment
  • Energy saving and cost reduction
  • Elegant and modern design
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