Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking


Indoor recessed lighting system in a counterbox by screws assembly to plasterboard. “Tightstrip 140” LED board with high-efficiency Nichia 24V T02 LEDs (>110 Lm/W), preserving a high color rendering CRI>90, color temperature between 2700K and 4000K, 3 step MacAdam. The optic can be Low Contrast, Wall Washer and Ceiling Washer.


Installation: Recessed into wall or ceiling

Application:Indoor, residential, offices, retail, museums, historical buildings



Dimensions (cm):

LINEAR SYSTEM with modules from 100 cm

CONCEPT sustainable lighting

BODY galvanized steel back case, aluminum optic

MOUNTING of the counter box to plasterboard with crews, of the optic to counter box with magnets. The standard structural C-elements of plasterboard and the fixing brackets are high 2.7 cm

OPTIC symmetrical Low Contrast; Asymmetrical Wall Washer in aluminum with pure silver deposition with reflection >98%; Ceiling Washer

OPTIC PERFORMANCE of the appliance >80%

COLOR TEMPERATURE 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Tunable White 2700K/5000K

CRI >90, 3 Step Mac Adam

DRIVER remote driver 24Vdc

WINGLETS black and white light refractor positioned inside the appliance; CABLE length 100 cm

Optic WW LC CW
LED Power 28,8W / 24V 28,8W / 24V 28,8W / 24V
Color temperature / Lumen 2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
CRI >90 >90 >90
Light distribution Plaf-WW Plaf-LC Appoggio-WW
Driver Driver 24VdC Driver 24VdC Driver 24VdC
Winglets B/W Winglets B/W Winglets – White Winglets B/W Winglets – White Winglets B/W Winglets – White
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