Brighten your thinking

Brighten your thinking


Outdoor lighting system with supporting thanks to assembly with screws. The alluminium optic is inserted into a polycarbonate tube, closed by two lateral caps.

“Tightstrip 140” LED board with high-efficiency Nichia 24V T02 LEDs (>110 Lm/W), preserving a high color rendering CRI>90, color temperature between 2700K and 4000K, 3 step MacAdam. The optic can be Low Contrast, Wall Washer and Ceiling Washer.


Installatione: Ceiling, Supporting, Wall-Mounted

Application: Outdoor, residential, offices, retail, museums, exhibitions



Dimensioni (cm):

LINEAR SYSTEM IP65 degree of protection against the penetration of dust, solid objects and liquids

CONCEPT sustainable lighting

BODY in extruded transparent polycarbonate profile (Ø 4cm), rotatable 360° on the longitudinal axis

FINISHING in white, black, RAL

MOUNTING ceiling and/or supporting and/or applique with magnets or screws

OPTIC symmetrical Low Contrast; asymmetrical Wall Washer; Ceiling Shaper in aluminum with pure silver deposition with reflection >98%

OPTIC PERFORMANCE of the appliance >80%

COLOR TEMPERATURE 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Tunable White 2700K/5000K

CRI >90, 3 Step Mac Adam

DRIVER remote driver 24Vdc

WINGLETS black and white light refractor positioned inside the optic and/or external the appliance; CABLE length 100 cm

Optic WW LC CS
LED Power 28,8W / 24V 28,8W / 24V 28,8W / 24V
Color temperature / Lumen 2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
2700K / 3032lm
3000K / 3194lm
4000K / 3248lm
CRI >90 >90 >90
Light distribution Plaf-WW Plaf-LC Appoggio-WW
Driver Driver 24VdC Driver 24VdC Driver 24VdC
Winglets B/W Winglets B/W Winglets – White Winglets B/W Winglets – White Winglets B/W Winglets – White
Finishing White
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