The value of light is in the emotion that it is able to create

With our projects we want to propose a way of conceiving light that enhances its ability to modify and improve space. This is the reason because our range is continually enriched with new solutions in a continuous process of improvement and customization.

Lines and design

The DryWall optical system represents the synthesis of Zero55 research and experimentation in the field of design. It is the perfect combination of form and quality of light. With this solution the product has apparently been dematerialized to give full emphasis to light as a central element of our philosophy. DryWall is a product with an ambitious character, designed to uniformly illuminate walls and ceilings without leaving any area of shade, offering an aesthetic result of great quality.

Lighting solution

Function and emotion
The DryWall system exploits the opportunities of the most advanced technologies and offer a solution that allows to design the light according to the specific functions of the environment controlling its emotional impact.

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