This is us

We are a team. A team of companies and lighting professionals united by a passion for light and driven by a common desire: to create a place to share the same outlook on light: not simply an illumination device but a means to enhance any environment through innovative and customized solutions. Design, technology, materials are the basis of our work. Zero55 is the space where new projects are brought to life to create products meeting the lighting needs of places and people.

Our Work

Zero55 designs lighting solutions and delivers the resulting products. But what sets us apart is the reason why we do it: the starting point is always the customer’s need. Our staff works according to a process of collaboration and continuous sharing with the customer, to satisfy any conditions, needs or requirements. For this reason our work goes beyond standard solutions.

Don’t ask us
for a brochure…

…but let us know what kind of lighting
you are thinking about,
and we will develop the right product for you!



We think that the culture of light may have a role in a new development model. We believe that thanks to evolving technologies, light can make a great contribution to reducing light pollution and energy consumption.


We love finding out new ways to talk about light: personal, incisive, source of inspiration. For us light is a wonderful opportunity for seduction and emotions.


Market insight and steady search for new technological solutions allow us to identify and propose innovative approaches. Through our strong specialization in this field, we want to value the great versatility of light in brightening up any environment.


For us creativity is the result of a devoted work ethic. Designing means putting oneself steadily to the test; experience and knowledge of the most advanced technologies are essential to find out new ideas and solutions and allow us to constantly raise the level of our work.


We are convinced of the importance of details. All Zero55 products are conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy and have a 5-year warranty: an important choice, which underlines the company’s commitment to offer the highest quality solutions.

Why our customers choose us

Choose Zero55 means first of all having a desire which comes true through our way to conceive lighting. The aim of our work is not simply to illuminate a space. What we do every day is creating tailor-made solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.

How we work

We share with the customers any stage of the project. We try to identify soon from preliminary stages and inspections the goal to be achieved. Design and planning processes, study of materials, component selection represent essential steps for the achievement of the right light in terms of quality and quantity.